Birthday Cake!

So you may or may not know that it was recently my GORGEOUS little boy’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!

I was pretty darn excited about this.

One thing I was especially excited about, and to be honest, have been excited at the prospect of for years, was making his birthday cake. Kids’ birthday cakes are so much fun! Of course, for the first few years they will be more for my benefit than his, but have to get started early, right?

Thing is, I wanted a cake that is one year old friendly. I didn’t really want LOADS of fat and sugar. Fondant is the usual go-to for kid’s cakes, but to be honest… it’s yucky. Who wants to eat that stuff?! (If I have to use fondant, I love to use a homemade marshmallow fondant… it’s much nicer!) Butter icing or something like, is the next most popular… and much nicer to eat, but as Pie still hasn’t had much sugar in his diet, I was a little unwilling to go the whole hog with sugary cake AND icing, and then not sleep that night because of it.

So! I lay at night as I drifted off to sleep and contemplated Pie’s cake. Because that is what you do in-between night feeds. Obviously.

Eventually it hit me one night! Why ice it? Duh. So I didn’t. Here, in fact is the cake, and then I will explain:


I made two sponges… a 3-egg vanilla sponge that I flavoured orange, and a 4-egg chocolate sponge that I cut it half. I layered these with whipped coconut cream (which, if I had whipped then re-fridged [is that a word?], I could probably have even iced the cake with) and some baby mango puree.

For the decoration on top, I crushed digestive biscuits as the sand for the pathway, and simply pressed firmly onto the cake. I did the same with the coconut which I had coloured green. Side note: the coconut tasted VILE because of the amount of colouring I had to put in to achieve a good green colour. Blech.

The one was made out of Silver Spoon orange candy buttons, and I modelled the Tigger out of marzipan. Nom. Word of warning: when modelling with marzipan you WILL be tempted to pinch bits! His stripes were done with an icing pen. I also had to glue an ear and both his arms on with royal icing. Despite the use of kebab sticks, those darn limbs just kept falling off!

(The candle was a happy coincidence when Paul went to Co-Op to get some… love it!)


Cut cake… stripey!


Side view… More stripey!

I was actually very pleased with how it turned out! And Pie seemed pretty pleased with the taste! Success.

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